Dating Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

is a fun new way to socialize, make new friends, build real relationships and meet hundreds of Singles in your area. Below, we list answers to frequently asked questions to help you get the most out of the Dating Community.

How does work?

brings you a free and easy-to-use online dating community. You simply register, start building your online profile and you can start searching for more like-minded singles in your area or abroad. Simply click the "Find People" and you're off. will present the most active and best matches for you and you can filter your searches to find exactly who you're looking for. You can chat instantly, send singles a message, add them as a friend or even send them gifts to break the ice.

How do I read messages from other Singles?

Your message inbox and instant chats on are all integrated into one instant message window. You'll see new messages come in all the time and you can review any messages you received while away and more. Reply and even if they are offline, users will be alerted to your message when they log back in. Click the "Messages" tab at any point to check the messages you've sent or received.

How can I choose which emails and messages I receive from ?

At , we give you the power to choose and control what messages you receive from us and from other Singles and friends in the Community. Click the "Account" tab and select "Settings" to completely customize what message you want to receive, from who and how often you receive them.

How can I edit my location and other details in ?

Location, location, location… it's important. At you enter this when you register and we allow you to edit location if you're a person on the go. Real people travel and want to meet up with other Singles and make connections with people from all around the globe. Simply click on the "Profile" Tab to first view your fully customizable profile page, then click "Edit Profile" at the top. Here you can change location, share more about yourself with the community and much more.

What happens if I forget my Password to ?

Don't worry. Not only can you login with your selected username or your email address, but if you forget your secure password, you can easily regain access by clicking "Forgot Password" in 's login area or directly by going to http://www./forgot_password We'll send you a link directly to the email address you registered with to reset your password and get back into right away.

What if I want to hide my age on ?

While age is just a number, we require all of the Singles who register with to enter their date of birth. Your actual birthday will not be displayed to other members, but your age will. This is important to keep for adults and to allow you and other users to more easily find who you are looking for.

How do I add photos to my Profile?

At , we encourage users to upload photos to their profiles. More photos make you more visible to other like-minded singles and allow you to use even more features in . When you start, you're prompted to add a photo right away from your PC or import directly from facebook. You can always add photos by clicking on your "Profile" tab while logged in. Click the "Add Photos" button on the left and select source of your new photos.

Why can't I remove my photo?

policy requires that all users provide at least one photo. Therefore, you cannot remove your last photo unless you actually deactivate your account. If you would like to change your photo, simply upload a replacement photo first and then remove the original photo. Photo edits can be made from your profile.

How do Coins Work?

At , we don't believe in making people pay a monthly membership or in other hidden upgrade costs. Some actions within require you to spend coins you earn and bank on your Profile. You can send virtual gifts, make your profile more visible and engage in new, interactive ways. You can earn coins by simply using the service on a regular basis, completing your profile and sharing your experience with others.

Oops, I blocked another profile by accident. What do I do?

Don't worry at all. If you block all messages from an account, there are two (2) ways to edit that again. You can visit the profile page of the profile you blocked and click the "unblock" link to remove them from your block list. You can also edit your entire block list directly by clicking the "Account" tab then select "Settings" to access your block list.

Do other people know when I block them?

If you decide to block another dating profile, they will not be sent an alert, but they will receive an on-screen reminder that they have been blocked if they try to message you again.

What should I do if I'm having trouble verifying my email address?

When you register at , a welcome email will be sent to the email address you register with. Inside this email is a special verification link that returns you to the site. This is an important step, without verification you will not be able to use or connect with other Singles on the Dating Site. If you are not receiving your welcome email we suggest you:

  • Double-check that you have correctly entered your email address. You will see this on the page that results from filling out our registration form.
  • Check your junk mail or bulk mail folder. The verification email might have mistakenly gone to your junk mail folder. If so, please mark as "safe" or "not spam".
  • Many free email providers have free spam filters. Try turning off the spam filter temporarily and send yourself another validation email.
  • If for whatever reason you are still unable to receive emails, please try a different email address. This can be updated on the page that displays after you register a free dating profile with us.

We have strict email validation rules to make sure our users can receive notifications from . We do this to improve reply rate on to provide a better dating experience for all users.

  • Using does not create any news feed stories.
  • On Facebook: Find "Applications" on your home page of Facebook and click on "Edit". From the drop down list, choose "Show Authorized". Find and click on "Edit Settings". Click on the "wall" tab. Select "Never publish any stories from " and click "Okay".
  • On MySpace: In the "My Apps" box click on "Manage Apps". Scroll down to where it says "Applications You are Using" and click on "settings". Uncheck "Add this app to my profile" and "Update my friends on my activities". Leave the remaining items checked for to work properly.

How do I deactivate or cancel my account?

It is easy to change your account status in to either "Deactivated" (Hidden) or you can delete your profile, profile info and all messages as well. We allow users to simply deactivate their account if they feel they could return as active users in the community later. This allows you to maintain all of your settings while not being searchable or contacted. Deleting your account removes all account and profile information from the system.
To deactivate or delete your account, click on your "Account" tab once you're logged in, then select "Settings". Click "Deactivate your Profile" then follow the instructions given. You will then have a choice to deactivate temporarily or delete.

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