GirlfriendsMeet Dating Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Review the GirlfriendsMeet help section below for answers to frequently asked questions. GirlfriendsMeet is an engaging, social and dating site that you can use to make new friends, build rewarding relationships and meet other girls in your area. Below, are a selection of handy answers to frequently asked questions about the site to help you get the most out of the GirlfriendsMeet.

What exactly is GirlfriendsMeet and how do I use it?

GirlfriendsMeet is a free and very convenient online dating community for lesbian and bisexual women. Registration is quick, safe and secure. As soon as you log in you have the ability to start building your profile or you can start browsing for other women in your area. The amount of information you put on your profile determines whether you get basic or advanced searches. As soon as you upload at least one profile photo you'll be able to send free, unrestricted chat messages to other profiles and view any public pictures they may have posted. Your main navigation bar (at the top of the screen) allows you to access your inbox and will also notify you of any other activity on your profile such as new follows, photo likes, and new profile visitors as well as virtual gifts. You can also access the GirlfriendsMeet interest-based forums to find users with common interests eg. TV shows, movies and books. Login regularly to see what you've missed.

How do I view messages from other users?

Any chat messages sent directly to you are available in the "Inbox" found on your navigation (the speech bubble.) These messages can include replies and alerts from the site admins (but not always we don't want to spam.) New messages are highlighted and you can view past conversations and continue where you left off. In the inbox is where you can reply. Other options for each conversation in the inbox window are that you can view, follow, or block any profile. Remember: in order to send chat messages you will need to upload at minimum of one public photo to your profile!

How can I control which emails and messages I receive from GirlfriendsMeet?

You have complete control! With GirlfriendsMeet, you have the power to filter what messages you receive from us and from other women in the GirlfriendsMeet Community. While you are logged in, expand your main dashboard by clicking on your profile name and photo at the top corner (there will be a mini "plus" sign.) The "My Settings" area provides options to control what email alerts you receive from the website. This includes alerts about new messages, followers, likes, etc. You can also control those who message you with a block list and filtering features eg. Only want people in your country? Then check the tiny box that says "My Country."

How can I update information like location and other details on GirlfriendsMeet?

Use your main dashboard to edit your profile and choose your account settings so that they suit you. Click on your username/photo at the top right corner there you can access your main dashboard that displays your profile completion status, logout button and links to your profile and account settings. At GirlfriendsMeet you enter location and other details when you register but c'est la vie things can change. Select "My Profile" to change the information displayed on your profile. Once you are on the My Profile page you will see the complete, customizable, unrestricted view that you and only you get. Click on "view as Public" to see what everyone else can see. The edit profile option or pencil icon will allow you to change location, complete profile information, and share more about yourself with the community. Be sure to add interests!

What if I forget my Password to GirlfriendsMeet?

No worries! On our sign in page we provide an option to reset your password for your profile. Simply click "Forgot password?" You can then enter your email address into the blank space provided to send a special email to your inbox. It will only send an email to the email address you used to register. You can access this option directly by going to

What information will be displayed on my profile?

You have options to control how much you share publically. Staying safe while online is incredibly important and the profiles are designed to allow members to find you without sharing personal information. Your Date of birth (D.O.B) is never displayed as well your actual name. Most profile information is selected from a series of pull-down menus and you have the option to add additional information in the My Story and Ideal areas. Do not share personal contact information on your profile pages. You will also have options to make certain information private such as the community trophies you have earned or other profile information. You can also set photo album to private and only unlock as other members request access. You have complete control!

Where do I add photos to my GirlfriendsMeet Profile?

At GirlfriendsMeet, many key tools will require your profile to have at least one (1) public photo. Members are more likely to contact you if you have a photo. There is no limit to the number of photos you can add to your profile and you can organize them into public or private albums as you upload them. You can also earn trophies for uploading more photos. You can upload photos from your main navigation bar or on your profile photo page. You'll have multiple options no matter if you are access the site with a pc, tablet or phone. You can take a photo with any webcam or built-in cam and upload from your hard drive or from your favorite social networks. When finished managing your photos you can always view your profile and photo section "as public" to see what others see.

How do I make my photos private?

The Privacy settings on your photo albums can be set from your profile's photo section. Individual photos cannot be set to private, but must be added to an album that is marked as private. You can create and set privacy settings for albums during the photo upload process as well. Once your selected photo has successfully uploaded simply select a previously created private album from the list provided or create a new one and set it as private.

How can I share private photos?

On GirlfriendsMeet you cannot send your private photos directly to other users unless they've sent you a request for access. This occurs within the "Inbox" section. Once you have uploaded one or more photo albums and set as private, another user can request access to your photos. They can only do so after you've actually sent them a message or you've replied to them first. This helps produce a real conversation first before you are pestered with a bunch of private image requests. Once you give private access to an individual user you can revoke access on your "My Settings" page. When you grant access all of your Private albums become available to that user.

Can I remove my photos?

Yes you can remove photos after you have uploaded them. Deleting photos is quick and easy and can be done in your profile photo section and when you view your own photos. A small edit icon (little pencil) is provided in the top corner of each photo allowing you to delete the photo among other options. Many key community functions require you to have at least one (1) public photo so don't delete every photo!

How do I share my interests?

We provide many ways to showcase your personal interest on your profile. Go to your profile page to quickly enter hobbies, favorite books, TV shows, Movies and more. Enter them one at a time. Each interest is added to your profile as an Interest tag. You can then click on popular or shared Interest tags to find other members who share that interest. Popular interests have their own Interest page that allows you to view others with common interests and leave comments. Get a discussion going and really connect!

How do I use the GirlfriendsMeet Interest pages?

Individual Interest pages can be accessed from your profile when you add them or from the "Interests" option in the main navigation. You can search for a variety of activities, hobbies, Movies, TV shows, authors, personalities and more. You can join an interest and add it to your profile right on the page and add a comment or reply to an existing one. Members that leave comments will be alerted to your reply. You can also receive votes on comments to push it up or down the list depending on the general opinion on your comment. You can quickly see who else shares your interest to view their profile, follow, or reach out in other ways.

How do I earn GirlfriendsMeet Coins?

GirlfriendsMeet is a free community but there are special options available to those with GirlfriendsMeet coins. Work for your coins by taking specific actions like completing your profile, logging in and being active on a regular basis. You'll get coins with each daily login as well so it can be easy to build up your bank! You can view your coin balance at any time in your main dashboard. You can also click the balance to view other ways to use coins and earn.

How do I use GirlfriendsMeet Coins?

Your GirlfriendsMeet coins can be used in an assortment of ways including giving your profile more exposure in the community and sending gifts to other profiles. You can add your profile to the spotlight located at the top of the site and select to feature yourself in just your country or world-wide. You can also place yourself in the top of a user's search results for a limited time. You can send gifts when you visit another user's profile page. Simply select the "Gift" option and select from the available virtual gifts to really get their attention.

How do I block other members from contacting me?

You can control who can contact you in a variety of ways. Each profile has a block option. Once they are blocked they will not be able to contact you. You can manage your block list on your "My Settings" page. You can also set contact filter rules that keep select members from contacting you based on their location or profile info.

Do other members know when I block them?

When you block another GirlfriendsMeet dating profile, they will not be alerted but they will receive an on-screen reminder that they were blocked if they try to message you again.

What can I do if I'm having a problem verifying my email address?

When you create your profile at GirlfriendsMeet, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you registered with. Inside this email is a special verification link that returns you to the site. This is an important step, without verification you will not be able to use GirlfriendsMeet or connect with others. If you are not receiving your GirlfriendsMeet confirmation email we suggest you:

  • Confirm that you have correctly entered your email address. You will see this on the page that appears after filling out our registration form. You will have an option to re-send the email or correct your email address and then resend.
  • Check your junk mail folder for messages. The GirlfriendsMeet verification email may have been sent to your junk mail folder. If so, please mark GirlfriendsMeet as "safe" or "not spam".
  • Many free email providers have free spam filters. Try turning off the spam filter temporarily and send yourself another GirlfriendsMeet validation email.
  • If you are still do not to receive GirlfriendsMeet emails, please try a different email address. This can be updated on the page that displays after you register a free dating profile with us.

We have strict email verification requirements so our users can receive notifications from GirlfriendsMeet and other members. We do this to improve the reply rate on GirlfriendsMeet and to provide a better dating experience for all GirlfriendsMeet users.

How do I deactivate or cancel my GirlfriendsMeet account?

It is easy to change your account status in GirlfriendsMeet to either Deactivated or Hidden. This is done via the "My Settings" area available from your dashboard. Once you deactivate your account it is removed from all search results and your profile will no longer appear in the website. You can log back in to re-activate your profile for period of six (6) months after deactivation. Selecting Hidden status will hide your account from search results and not alert members when you view their profiles. Users can also contact customer support staff using the feedback from or email contact form to request complete removal from the system.

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