Online Dating Safety Tips From GirlfriendsMeet

At GirlfriendsMeet, we consider online safety and profile security to be paramount. Our highly trained Moderation staff works hard reviewing profiles and reviewing any reported users.To maintain a fun, free and safe online dating site like GirlfriendsMeet we also need your help. Each GirlfriendsMeet user is responsible for keeping their personal information secure, while we cannot control if someone shares personal information over the site or another instant messenger, we can help educate users in online safety and Moderate on-site activity.

Let's look at some good common sense rules to remember for online dating and chatting:

While we all like to make use of other common Instant Message systems when we meet a new contact, please be careful of profiles that want to take y often phishing for your personal information, promoting another website or paid service and simply want to take that conversation to a place that is unprotected. We strongly suggest using the GirlfriendsMeet message and chat systems to remain safe and secure. This is another important benefit to a dating site

Please refrain from sharing personal information such as your full name (your family name), your physical address or other sensitive information when chatting with a stranger online. If you encounter a profile constantly asking you for this information, please report them using the report link in their profile page or in a message from that profile.

Be careful of profiles that enter one location, but then say they are from another. It is easy to change/update your location at GirlfriendsMeet. There is no good reason for this to be inaccurate.

Just use common sense and remember to have fun. If someone starts asking you for funds or claim to be an administrator or moderator at GirlfriendsMeet, or another official please report the account.

If you do decide to meet someone or a group of people you met on GirlfriendsMeet, please take reasonable precautions to protect your safety. Tell a friend or family member you will be meeting someone new, make sure you have your own transportation lined up and it's always best to first meet in a public place.

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