• DanielleJ71

  • 29, Single, Lesbian West Bloomfield, Michigan
  • Last Active: Over 1 month ago


Photospot Girl on Girl: A Documentary Film Bhoothnath Returns Scooby-Doo Scary Movies The BULLY Project BIGBANG Elizabeth Gillies The Ugly Truth Dolly Parton Cascada Pokémon My Wife and Kids Queen Latifah Tarzan Mulan Friday the 13th The Purge The legend of Korra The Hunger Games A Haunted House Elysium The Lion King Narnia Fans The Hunger Games The Chronicles of Narnia Ariana Grande RuPaul's Drag Race Avatar: The Last Airbender Kanye West Maleficent (2014) South Park Girls The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air V Call of Duty Disney Infinity Anime Futurama Horror Movies Last Week Tonight furry fandom anthro Ellen DeGeneres (TV show) Hello Kitty (TV series) Hentai center Interesting Vines High School DxD High school DXD Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters/junk Babe Chibi Vampire Aliens Movie The Land Before Time ㅿHe Touched The Buttㅿ If U start to miss me remember i didn't walk away,you let me go. When I'm crying, and someone hugs me, it makes me cry even more. ㅣLoving You Was My First Mistakzㅣ I'm girl. Don't touch my hair, face, phone, or boyfriend. ㅣLoving You Was My First Mistakeㅣ Psychic The Trilogy Vampire Elite Series The Unknown (Animorphs) The Lunar Chronicles House of the Scorpion Divination Uglies I love you, not for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. Understanding Feederism: The Skinny on Getting Fatter Sitting in class=1:30=Seems like 20 minutes pass=1:33. What!? Momoiro Clover ももいろクローバー Gerard Way Eatmewhileimhot I lose my senses when i'm with you I want to sleep. 5 more minutes Stuff you didn't know Teens Only Depressed? Earphones In ,, Volume Up . Ignore The Damn World"" Fuck Relationships, I'm Single < 3 Matt The Cat Trio Nora The Piano Cat Dead Can Dance Lara Johnston Music is My Drug And Volume is its Quantity Animal Planet's My Cat From Hell Cats 101 Virginity Is like A Soap Bubble - One Prick & Its Gone Furries Scooby Doo, Where Are You! The Host (MOVIE) Andy Sixx Anime Fan TeenNick Tessanne Chin Epic Rap Battles of History Equestria Daily Cute Dogs Eragon The Host Attack on Titan SundanceTV White House Down Aliens Animal Crossing: New Leaf Bejeweled ... ...

I'm Looking For

  • Lesbians, Bisexuals
  • Ages 20-30
  • For long term

My Story

Well I'm 21 years old, huge anime fan, furry, pegasister, I will never give up on a person. Ever. I will always try to help someone if I can. My passions include psychology writing and dressing up in fursuits. Anything else just ask
Don't ask me for nudes

Ideal Match

sharing my interests of anime, video games, cosplay

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5'8" (173cm)
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