• Mousie

  • 47, Divorced, Lesbian Memphis, Tennessee
  • Last Active: Over 1 month ago


I'm Looking For

  • Lesbians, Bisexuals, Pansexuals
  • Ages 29-52
  • For friendship, long term, dating, casual hookups

My Story

I am a mouse. Well not a literal one of course, at least last I checked I've not yet grown a tail. I am not a furry, though I am friends with a few. That aside, I am a quiet woman, who keeps to herself for the most part, but even quiet people seek others, and I seek a woman who can handle an introvert with the care and love one needs.

I have a sense of humor, sometimes, dark, sometimes dry, often sarcastic, but I enjoy making others laugh. I am a caring person, though I'm more of an observer than a doer. I will be supportive, and I try hard not to judge, even when I disagree with something. I'm not afraid to laugh at myself. I think it's an important skill to have.

I'm seeking a woman who can be patient with me. I have limited social energy, and while I'm more than willing to spend all of it with that someone special, when I need my time alone, it's what I need. My needs are simple, but must be met. You get a kind, loyal, and loving mouse.

Ideal Match

I tend to work best with artists, gamers (video, table top, or LARP), liberals, theater types, goths, nerds, geeks, and well people just considered "odd". I have severe social anxieties, and I need someone who can be patient with that. It's rare I'll make the first move, so feel free to send a message. I will respond. If you've read my profile, know that I am a banter communicator, meaning the more you say the more response I'll typically have. Hello will be met with like, and something insightful will get an insightful response. Sexually I'm more of a giver, so Pillow Princesses work well with me.

Scammers and men, please stop. I can spot you the moment you start talking to me. Too many of you have tried, all have failed.

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Lipstick Lesbian
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5'4" (163cm)
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