• MsmeeK

  • 48, Single, Pansexual Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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I'm Looking For

  • Lesbians, Pansexuals
  • Ages 30-55
  • For friendship, dating

My Story

I am an artist, business woman and mother. Im driven, focused and passionate about my work. Im deeply spiritual and I have a very powerful energy about me. My children are grown and almost grown and I have a pretty boring life, that's filled with work, goals and service to others. I enjoy fine dining, the ocean, opportunities to relax and exhale. Im kind of a deep thinker and feeler. Sexy nerd. Definitely no-nonsense. OUT. Zero BS, ZERO Tolerance for it. Wanting to meet someone who fits...

Ideal Match

My ideal match is a woman who finds herself mutually and deeply attracted to me. She is highly intelligent, kind, funny, generous, easy going, highly sexual, confident, emotionally mature and pretty to me. She eats right and cares about what she puts in her mouth. I prefer an hour glass shape and it doesn't really seem to matter if its one or two hours of sand in that glass. Kindness, emotional intelligence and maturity seem to rate highest for me. She is definitely not in the closet in any way. She's not intimidated by my personal power and she's easy to get along with, she doesn't lie, she has moral fiber and courage. She knows how to share herself and her love and she is free of emotional entanglements with others.

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Lipstick Lesbian, Chapstick Lesbian
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5'4" (163cm)
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