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I'm Looking For

  • Lesbians, Bisexuals, Bicurious
  • Ages 19-39
  • For friendship, dating, casual hookups

My Story

I am 39. I was diagnosed with narcolepsy at the age of 12 and spent alot of my younger life sleeping. I ballooned to over 400Lbs and topped out at 421Lbs. I had bariatric surgery on January 24,2012 and was 362Lbs. They guaranteed me the surgery could help me loose 50% to 70% of my excess body weight. I now am at 176Lbs. I dated a bisexual male last fall who is probably as close to my soul mate as I will ever see, but he is only 25 and needed to explore the other side of himself. We are still best friends. I am currently seeing a man 20 yrs my senior who believes i make the world go around, but his sexual side is so advanced and open than mine. He is urging me to get in touch with my inner self and one if those is my partial attraction to women. I am relearning who I am on almost every level of life. I am now in school abd studying for my Associate if Arts with a Psychology transfer. I have become a gym rat and my dog is my world. I am in so many way a contradiction but i've bee

Ideal Match

Physically I don't know, except to say the girls I notice and am attracted to are girly like I am. Long hair, wears makeup and i love breasts. On men ir women i notice the eyes first. Second is the teeth. They don't hv to look perfect but be clean. Then hair, nails, smile and breasts for women.
Personality is harder, I don't have a list if "must have " traits, i do however have a list of "hell no" traits. Which are,
1) no blowhards, the i've seen it all, know it all, done it all, gets old.
2) must be fairly openminded and non judgemental.
3) no liars, belittlers, abusers, etc.
I am looking for a few dates or hook ups for now. Possibly friendships. As I said I have a boyfriend and if I do find someone amazing, he will be ok with me having a girlfriend. But for the moment just looking for the company and experiences.

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