• PorsciaPorscia

  • 29, Single, Lesbian New Bern, North Carolina
  • Last Active: Over 1 month ago


I'm Looking For

  • Lesbians
  • Ages 21-30
  • For friendship, long term, dating, casual hookups

My Story

Well my name is Porscia , I am a real person! lol Im also a Leo<3 yep we run the world . I tend to joke around a lot because i go through a lot of shit id rather just laugh it off, its the best medicine i swear. Im prolly the only person in 2016 that doesnt have a phone because i choose not too lol but i can still communicate & if enough people keep beggin ill get a damn phone. I think sometimes im shy to approach females. I love talking about any & everything! Im really open, exually clean like i really dont be havin sex at all. Im smart af! i think very logically. Favorite color is black, Men make me sick even though i was married & divorced and all the other bullshit. i just really like to have everything on the table pretty much. My sense of humor is retarded lol i say the dumbest shit, im also very blunt & i dont back down from NOTHING. i curse a lot but i guess its a down south thing. im kinda a tomboy & I <3 PUSSY UH yea anything else just hit me up....

Ideal Match

Just simple shit. i want a lil friend to go through my adventures of life wit, somebody i can make laugh and aint all stuck up & shit. Someone who knows who she is and where shes going with her life or even a female thats trying to get her shit together....idk how to put it. No fucking studs wat so ever unless u just wanna be my friend then im all in. Please have all ur teeth, i mean mine aint perfect but damn lmao .Someone thats willing to talk to me all damn day about everything. You wont see my vagina so dont ask. i'll want like random sexy ass pics, if possible! lol just some shit like if u bored and u wanna make me smile or laugh . I take trips. I love to party so i would want you to, too. just a real ass person. Save the fake shit. As for race i love every flavor of the rainbow & every size

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Lipstick Lesbian, Soft Butch, Not a Stereotype
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5'5" (165cm)
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