• SweetSimplicity11

  • 39, Single, Lesbian Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Last Active: Over 1 month ago


I'm Looking For

  • Lesbians, Bisexuals, Pansexuals
  • Ages 27-43
  • For friendship, long term

My Story

I was born and raised in the city of Philadelphia and love it here. I have 4 siblings - two older and two younger.
As far back as I can remember I wanted to help people. Recalling myself as a child sitting in the kitchen with my mother listening and waiting for the chance to comment on the topic of the afternoon chat these ladies were having - my mother at times did hair at home for a few extra bucks... People have always interested me.
Sports were a big part of my life growing up as I was an extremely shy teenager and young adult and my involvement opened the door to friends and social outlets for me. It wasn't until college that I really started opening up to people. I laugh to myself now because now I can't turn off the anxious chatter sometimes:-) guess there is always some level of nervousness I have with communicating... One of my most famous sayings is 'words aren't enough'- sometimes words can't capture the things we really want to say...

Ideal Match

I have a tough time with this one because no two women I have ever dated have been alike but will do my best...
It's important to me that a woman is kind of like the girl next door - a friend and a lover. I tend to gravitate toward the women that are plain but also naturally beautiful and down to earth, more feminine of center but not ultra-femme because that high maintenance stuff with making grande gestures to someone on a pedestal can get exhausting for me - no offense to you ladies but I'm more thoughtful, simple, and sentimental at the end of the day and these women tend to miss the little things that I believe actually count!
Communication is a huge deal - you must be a good communicator of your thoughts and feelings. I can't say that enough- I prefer directness even if it's painful... I value honesty a lot.
Sizes and shapes are not that important to me as long as you have good to great hygiene;-) I'm a little OCD that way.

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