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  • 28, Single, Bisexual Spokane, Washington
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I'm Looking For

  • Lesbians, Bisexuals
  • Ages 19-25
  • For friendship, long term, dating

My Story

I'm pretty easy going, and love to laugh.
Watching horror movies is fun, though I may regret it later that night. Aside from freaking out my friends during a super creepy part in a movie, I'm almost constantly listening to music, and I also read a few manga and comics here and there and play some games on my Xbox 360. I'm up for long, in-depth conversations about a variety of topics. I love to travel (I wish I could do it more often) and experience new things, and I have a creative side that I get a real kick out of expressing through doodles, humor, and short pieces of writing.
I want to meet a girl who I can talk freely with about my thoughts and opinions. Maybe I'd play videogames, watch TV shows, cry to sappy movies, listen to music, go to haunted houses, or fall asleep sprawled out on a field or floor with her as well.
Just for shits and giggles.
I want to go somewhere where I can see the stars. (Seriously, this light pollution is terrible.)

Ideal Match

My ideal match?
I'm not quite sure...
I would think she would have to not be easily offended by the things I, for we would have the same frank opinion on numerous subjects.
I do find intelligence attractive, a sick sense of witty and dry humor as well.
We would be able to laugh together at terrible jokes that would most likely rub a lot of people the wrong way, play a few video games together, perhaps recommend a few books and bands to one another.
OH. And awesome discussions about abstract theories and whimsical musings
...I'm sure I'll find out when I reach that point.

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