• moonlightangel2005

  • 24, Single, Lesbian Bowling Green, Ohio
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I'm Looking For

  • Lesbians, Bisexuals
  • Ages 18-23
  • For friendship, dating

My Story

When I was in sixth grade, I first acknowledged romantic feelings towards my best girl friend in the world...for about two seconds before I denied and repressed it due to my deeply-held delusion that I was straight. I didn't acknowledge these feelings until I was a sophomore in high school, when I fell for a girl I was talking to online. I hadn't been honest with myself in a long time, but I suppose it was better late than never.

I've identified as bisexual since I was a sophomore in high school, but due to recent events I've found myself to lean more towards girls. I suppose I have the same attraction to men that straight women do to other women: it's more of a curiosity. So, after some experiences I have found myself to be closer to the lesbian end of the sexuality spectrum. I'm not looking for anything serious or long-term, like marriage or children. I'm looking for a companion with whom I can learn and grow.

Ideal Match

My ideal match is a woman with whom I can have long and meaningful conversations with, as well as engage in lively debate. We'll go to concerts together and I'll show her all of my favorite places, but we'll also spend late nights talking about nothing and just holding each other to a playlist of our favorite songs. She's open-minded and spontaneous, but grounded as to balance out my scattered mind. I'm kind of a mess, but I'm improving every single day.

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