Lesbian Dating Red Flags

Let’s admit it, we all get caught up in the rosey goodness that is a potential new relationship. It’s easy to ignore certain… signs… that maybe we should we be more wary of. Below is a list of dating red-flags that you should watch out for… If she’s got 2 or more of these, proceed with caution. If she’s got 5 or more, then maybe you should skip that last Martini and call a cab.

  1. She trash-talks other people for fun. Why would you want to be with someone who probably trash-talks you behind your back?
  2. She trash-talks her last love and presents herself as the victim. She’s also probably not ready to be with another person if she’s so hung up on the past.
  3. She hasn’t been in a relationship in many, many years. It might be a good idea to find out why…
  4. She’s over 25 and hasn’t been in a long-term relationship. As we get older, our main goal is to find someone we can hold onto for a while, right? Someone to grow old with, to share our lives with… If she wasn’t long term material before, she might not be now.
  5. She doesn’t have any friends. Sure, some people are lone wolves, and prefer the company of their cats… But some people are intolerable and the general population can’t stand them?
  6. She’s only been single for a short period of time. Where did I hear that to get fully over someone, it takes about half as long as the relationship lasted? Seriously… Is this a Sex and the City thing?
  7. She spends A LOT of time talking about her last relationship. The exception to this is if she’s being thoughtful about the things she learned during that time.
  8. She drinks or does drugs daily or to excess. I’ve dated one of these too. There comes a point when their need for drugs/alcohol is greater than their need for love from another human being. Don’t put yourself in this situation.
  9. She spends an inordinate amount of time complaining… About anything or anyone. I’ve dated one of these… It’s one thing to complain about something that has been annoying you that day, but to spend most of your waking life complaining about… well, life, is not only aggravating, it’s unnecessary… And it conditions us to be unhappy.
  10. She spends most of the time talking, rather than listening. This isn’t a good sign. A person who talks about themselves repeatedly, while not giving a crap about anyone else, is bad bad news. It shows they care more about themselves than anything else. Trust me, you won’t be able to compete.

Well guys, I know this wasn’t exactly the most uplifting post we’ve done here at GFM… But it’s a necessary one. You all deserve love, happiness, and the ooey-gooey feeling I mentioned at the beginning of this list – but please realize that not everyone is going to be worth it in the long run. Choose wisely!