20151208-GFM-Blog-ALMOST ADULTSALMOST ADULTS – Official Trailer (LGBT Movie)

Almost Adult was written and directed by the ladies of The Gay Woman Channel – UnsolicitedProject on YouTube. The two ladies Sarah Rotella (Director) and Adrianna DiLonardo (Writer) are based out of Toronto, Canada and upload new videos each week: Pillow Talk Monday, Gay Women Wednesday + Faking It Friday.

They teamed up with Rebecca Swift (Producer) to create this kick ass comedy that follows two best friends in their last year of college before moving on. One of the ladies embraces her sexuality while the other one ends a long term relationship with her boyfriend and tries to figure out why her life isn’t going as planned.

The film was fully funded by backers on Kickstarter. They put a budget of $40,000 but was quickly surpassed and eventually raised $120,000. All said and done the final budget came in at $105,000. Sarah Rotella and Adrianna DiLonardo’s (almost) all-female feature film headed into production. In their Kickstarter campaign they offered perks such as appearing as an extra in the film or attending table readings. To help save money they hired non-union cast and crew and negotiated daily rates to fit their budget. They also had a goal of trying to keep an all-female crew. The movie will be released in 2016.

I am super excited to see these ladies succeed and I can’t wait to see the movie. Congrats ladies on your success and we hope to see many more awesome things to come. Check out the The Gay Woman Channel – UnsolicitedProject.