Benefits of Interest-Based Dating

Interest-Based Dating

Finding the right woman to date can often be difficult. I’m not talking about the common pitfalls typical to lesbian dating but rather all the things that get in the way of finding a good match in general. In my opinion, no matter how physically attracted you are to someone, there needs to be common ground or shared interests to keep the relationship healthy. This of course holds true for straight or gay relationships and might even be more poignant for woman in lesbian relationships.

Opposites Attract…or Do They?

We’ve all heard the old adage that “opposites attract” but is that really the case? Think back to your own past relationships. Did you spend time with someone with vastly different interests or traits?  How did that work out for you? More often than not the relationship probably didn’t last or was based on something less tangible.

For example, I’m a bit of a couch potato (just a bit thanks). I love my Netflix and RPG video games and god help anyone who tries to change me. Earlier last year I was in a relationship with someone with almost opposite traits. She was very active, worked out and had a very specific diet. She was super cute and fun to be with but over time we couldn’t decide on what to do most nights and I wasn’t about to eat like a rabbit either.

It was hard to change and find a more common ground based on our core personalities. I needed someone my own speed. Sadly, the relationship had to end and too bad because she had an amazing butt.

Interest-Based Dating at GirlfriendsMeet

At GirlfriendsMeet we identified the need to be able to find and connect with other women with the same interests. At any point, individual interests can be added to a profile.

GFM Profile Pgae - Interests

These work a bit like tags and you can immediately see if a profile you are looking at has that same interest. No matter if it’s a hobby or favorite TV show, movie or a book. Simply add each interest one at a time and let the magic happen.

When a particular topic is popular enough in GirlfriendsMeet it will get its own dedicated page within our network. Once an interest has achieved that kind of popularity, you can simply click the interest on your profile or anyone else’s to take a look.

GFM - Interest Page

The interest pages will show everyone who share that same love along with a discussion page for a heated group chat. The chat is similar to Reddit chat threads so for many it will look familiar and includes up-voting.

GFM - Interest Discussion

We’ve watched as more and more women spend time in our interest pages because for many it’s becoming apparent that opposites don’t necessarily attract.

Try it for yourself and make a connection you can count on.

What’s your opinion? Do you find greater comfort while in a relationship with someone with similar interests? Do you think variety is the spice of life and seek out those who have had different experiences?  Does none of this matter to you as you navigate your way around the world of lesbian dating?

Let us know in the comments or tell us on Twitter @GFMDating