Coming out of your closet | Ash Beckham | TEDxBoulder

I love listening to Ted Talks and here is one that touches me every time I watch it: Coming out of your closet with Ash Beckham. Ash Beckham explains it well about asking the hard questions, being real with one another, how hard it is to be frozen by fear and living your life in the closet. She talk about your health and how negative stress inside your body is like a ticking time bomb. Chronic exposure to adrenaline and cortisol disrupts every system in your body.

“If your going to be real with somebody, you gotta be real in return.” ~ Ash Beckham

I think everyone who has a huge roadblock or mountain to climb whether it be an LGBTQ issue or not should watch this video. Everyone faces “hard situations” or “hard questions” in their lifetime and listening to Ash Beckham’s talk you can really relate to her. To be honest the first time I watched this I cried. She teaches you to be:

  • Be Yourself and be Authentic
  • Be Direct
  • Be Unapologetic

You need to stand up and live your life for you, for what makes you happy. I learned at a very young age that I work for myself, I eat for myself, I exercise for myself, why not love for yourself. Once you stop comparing yourself to other people and once you stop worrying about what other will think of you I GUARANTEE a weight will be lifted off of you. Sure you may have haters and people that no longer show up in your life, and those people could be anybody, but around the corner there are people waiting for you with love and open arms. Find what make you happy and do that!