Ellen DeGeneres quizzes wife Portia De Rossi

Ellen DeGeneres interviews Portia De Rossi and answers the tough questions! For those of you that watch the show you know how much of a prankster Ellen really is. So when I sat down to watch Ellen¬†interview her wife I knew something would be up. ¬†Haha, like this one: Ellen asks, “You started as a model and now your married to a Covergirl. Tell me about that?” Portia replies, “Hahah, Um I have good taste.” The interview was playful and fun. They even discuss baby rumors below.

Ellen and Portia Discuss the Baby Rumors

Even though there are rumors floating around that the two might be on the verge of a break up – you can obviously tell how much in love these two people are! Ellen says she falls in love with Portia more and more every day. These two seem like a perfect match and that their love is only getting stronger after being together since 2004.