Lesbian Problems ~ Part 1

Lesbian ProblemsWords are powerful. Words can cause love, hurt, confusion, cause laughter and friendships. There are so many different lesbian stereo types. Here are some common stereo types that are not true!


  • Pretty women can’t possibly be lesbian
  • Lesbians are no fun and angry all the time.
  • Lesbians all dress like men.
  • Lesbians don’t wear lingerie.
  • Femme lesbians are pretending to be lesbian.
  • All butches have short hair and are overweight.
  • All lesbians hate make-up, shaving, bras and dresses.
  • All lesbians like camping.
  • Lesbians drive SUVs like Subaru Outbacks and Jeep Wranglers.
  • Lesbians are all into sports.
  • Roles: Every lesbian relationship has a butch and a femme.
  • Timing: Lesbians move in together on the second date.

Now lets get serious all of this generalization just sounds stupid. We are in a time where we realize everyone is unique. Here are some real lesbian issues.

  • When you can’t find your damn razor.
  • Yes I’m a lesbian and no I don’t drink beer.
  • Guys who think they can turn you straight.
  • Short Fingers!
  • When your crush is straight.
  • My girlfriend’s dildo looks too much like a penis.
  • Not being able to take your girlfriend home for the holidays.
  • When your girlfriend wears your clothes.
  • ImALesbianWhen you are not gay enough for other lesbians to pick up on the fact that you are in fact a lesbian.
  • Meeting a cute girl while you are hanging out with friends that think you are straight.
  • People staring when you hold your girlfriends hand.
  • When your straight friends ask for advice about guys.
  • Tried to shop online for bras, Too distracted by boobs.

Lesbian Problems – When people say:

  • “Do you have a boyfriend yet?”
  • “You’re too cute to be a lesbian.”
  • “Do you play baseball?”
  • “Do you love cats?”
  • “She is probably cheating on you with a guy”
  • “Why are you wearing a tie?”
  • “Are you shopping for your brother?”
  • “Sorry, only one person per dressing room.”

Lesbian Problems ~ Part 2

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