My First Queer Crush

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I honestly don’t remember my first queer crush, but what I do remember is noticing women who looked different and who I wanted to look like. I would watch how these women would act, talk, dress and find them so intriguing. I also idolized strong, successful women like musicians or actresses and want to be with them, hoping they were gay. I also had friends that I admired but knew there was no chance in hell we could ever be together. One word of advice: never assume! I later learned one of my friends was gay and the other was bi-sexual.

Because of the way I though when I was younger I didn’t date very many women. With age and confidence I now have no problem going up to someone and telling them how I felt. I had just started dating this butch and about a week into talking to her I met this beautiful, talented amazing girl named Brea at a local gay bar. She was special! She had this confidence about her, she knew how to have fun and told you like it is. She was the type of person people notticed and on top of that she was so humble. After getting to know her I knew I had to tell her how I felt and we ended up dating for over a year. I still think about her all of the time. Check out what some of these ladies have to say about their first crush.

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