Ashlyn Harris’ Story

The Ashlyn Harris Story

In this video of “One Nation. One Team. 23 Stories.” Woman’s soccer player Ashlyn Harris sits down to tell us the story of growing up as a female and what obstacles she had to overcome and play soccer professionally.

Coming from a lower income, lower class household was difficult. Ashley Harris always knew that she had to be tough and work hard if she wanted to make it big. Sports were the perfect opportunity to do something that she liked and find a way out of her town and to do something bigger.

When she was young she always tried to keep up with her older brother and prove that she too could be tough. When she was young she was a skateboarder and a surfer. She was always pushing herself to the limit and seeing how hard and fast she could go. Accomplishing what she could and working on it constantly.

Growing up she was the only girl on her baseball, soccer and basketball teams. She was aggressive when she grew up but stated it was because she had to be. When you spend all your time being insulted and told you’re not good enough just because you’re a girl you need a strong core to get by.

She wanted to get out of the small hometown trap and soccer was the perfect opportunity for her. That wasn’t the end though. She works with an organization called To Write Love on Her Arms to help people that struggle with addiction, depression and suicidal thoughts to seek and find help and support systems.

It’s amazing to see a strong woman role model like Ashley Harris who overcame bullying growing up and getting out of a small, lower class home. Not only is she moving up but she is strong by being sensitive and assertive.

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