How to Hit On Women

How to Hit on Women

When it comes to lesbian dating, its common for women to feel out of their element when it comes to approaching women for the first time. As a lesbian how do you hit on a woman? None of us like the feeling of rejection and when we’re not certain of someone’s sexuality that can be an additional barrier. So how do we feel more comfortable when approaching a women we find attractive? Is there a way to make this a little less terrifying? A recent YouTube video from Sarah Croce gives us some insight.

How to Hit On Women

First up you should feel confident in how you look. Sarah points out that upon leaving the house you’ve probably done all the obligatory checks and already look your best. Long story short: you already look good focus on what’s important.

Next up how about perfume? Do you smell nice? Sure you do. You know how to wear the appropriate amount of perfume so you’re good here too.

Once you pass the barrier of being confidence in your overall appearance it’s time to focus on your actions. Start out with eye contact and a smile. Be flirtatious but don’t overdo it. If you wink so much someone calls the paramedics for you then you’re doing it wrong. Sarah suggests not licking your lips, eyebrows, etc. Basically, don’t freak her out. Pick up on her body language and evaluate her initial response in a subtle way. If everything seems to be going well it’s now the time to say something.

Don’t begin the conversation by talking about your cats. Introduce yourself like a normal human being. For those not familiar with basic human interaction, starting with your name is always good. If you want to drop a pick-up line use it jokingly. If she’s keen then you’re all good. If you use an obvious pick-up line seriously you could potentially crash and burn. Sarah shares some amazingly bad lines (or good ones depending on how you look at it).

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