Lesbian Approved Summer Movies

Lesbian Approved Summer Movies 2015

Summer is heating up and that means so are the movies, so I took it upon myself to give you a mini review Lesbian approved summer movies for 2015. Also, I want you to know that just because these movies are lesbian approved does not mean that they contain lesbians but if that’s what you’re looking for I have you covered. Check out the best lesbian movies right here.

Hot Pursuit

Hot Pursuit Movie

I’m extremely excited to see what happens when you put two funny and adorable actresses together. Reese Witherspoon plays a cop who is trying to protect Sofia Vergara’s character while she gets to court. Vergara’s character is the former wife of a drug lord who murdered somebody. I can just sense the fun and adventure those two will have.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max Fury Road Movie

You’re probably already super stoked to see this. Charlize Theron with a shaved head being tough, sexy and basically everything you want to be. Watch as Furiosa and Max kick some ass as they do everything they can to survive. Mad Max might be the title character but it’s really Furiosa’s story. Like previous Mad Max titles he is really just along for the ride and we get to see the world from his eyes. This one is highly recommended.

Every Secret Thing

Every Secret Thing

This movie is going to be for your dramatic side, can you figure out this crime before Elizabeth Banks who plays Detective Nancy Porter. In this movie they’re trying to solve the crime where some children disappeared to and their main suspects are two women who were put in jail for infant murder years before.

Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2 Movie

If I’m being completely honest here the first Pitch Perfect movie is not super but there is one element that is making us all want to see the second one (admit it) we are all going to pile into the theaters to see what Fat Amy does next. RebelĀ  Wilson plays that character to a T and provides the best comedy in that movie.

Barely Lethal

Barely Lethal Movie

Welcome back Jessica Alba, we could never miss one of your movies. In this action comedy a girl named Megan (played by Hailee Steinfield) is a young assassin in training but she really just wants to be a regular teenager so she drops herĀ  mission to enroll in high school and finds out that being a regular teenager is harder than she thought.


Spy Movie

Melissa McCarthy… need I say more? You know this comedy is going to have you rolling on the ground laughing, especially because the director, Paul Feig, is the same guy who directed Bridesmaids and you know you secretly or not so secretly loved that ridiculous movie. in this comedy Melissa McCarthy is playing a CIA agent who has to take on an arm dealer.

San Andreas

San Andreas Movie

This is that one movie of the Summer that’s going to make you scared for days. It’s not a horror movie it’s an Earthquake movie and one of those situations where you can imagine it happening in real life and so you live fearful and are constantly comparing what the actor does to what could actually be done and how you would do it.

Live from New York

Live From New York Movie

I know hearing about a movie with Melissa McCarthy was great but this is definitely even better. What do you get when you mix Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Lorraine Newman and Gilda Radner, well it’s probably the funniest most feminist movie ever. This is definitely a must see with all your girlfriends. It’s the lesbian club pick.

So this Summer when you make it to the theater you’ll know exactly what movies you need to see. Pick a genre and go for your favorite or make it a game and try to hit up every one of these movies. I know that’s my plan.