Lesbian Shows Gay Guy Her Vagina

GFM_Lesbian_shows_vagina_topThankfully we live in a world where thousands maybe millions of lucky people can enjoy seeing a vagina each and every day. But what about those poor souls who are completely ignorant and have never, ever seen one? Infamous Lesbian YouTuber, Arielle Scarcella is back and this time she’s partnered up with her gay male friend, Riyadh K.

Apparently this Irish bloke has gone through life never seeing a vagina in the flesh. As you can imagine, he had questions. Arielle was happy to boost his sex education.

Learning About Vaginas

Riyadh admitted that many gay men have a fear of vaginas. Arielle made him feel comfortable and was blown away. I think my favorite part was when he exclaimed, “It is…pretty.”

Gay Guy Sees Vagina For First TIme

Many women are insecure about how their vaginas look. Arielle says hers is what she would consider “typical” but from the video, it sounds like she’s being a little too hard on herself.


This was a fun video, check it out for yourself and you might gain a new perspective on vaginas.