Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Friends

Meeting Your Girlfriend's Friends

Eventually you’ll be meeting your new girlfriend’s closest friends and, depending on the size of your town or city, you could already know them. That relative closeness we enjoy as part of the LGBT community can have it’s advantages and disadvantages. Today however, we will focus on meeting new friends, putting your best foot forward and making a good first impression without stressing (too much).

I’m a bit of a stress-case so no matter the situation I’ll probably look like I’m at the edge of my seat. I’ve come to terms with that but when it comes to matters of the heart, things always get amped up for me and those feelings of stress and anxiety hit me like a ton of bricks. This was very obvious during my last relationship and it forced me to make a change or reach an epiphany. I’ll share some of my thoughts in the hopes that some of it may save you some heartache.

Remember that long-time friends are often like family. She may have had different relationships over the years but her friends are here to stay. We all have our own unique personality quirks and around our friends we generally feel more comfortable letting them show. She has accepted her friends despite all the scary and strange stuff they do. Be prepared to do this as well.

Observe and Adjust

As with any group of friends, there is bound to be a mix of different personalities. Some may seem to conflict but together (as a group of friends) they’ve been able to achieve a balance. See where you fit in. Are you the funny one? The thoughtful one? You are a tapestry of character traits like anyone else on this planet. Let the right characteristics out for the evening. Before you go out you can consult your girlfriend. You may just need a quick reminder why she likes you so much as her friends will likely have a similar opinion.

Exercise Patience

Remember that any close group of friends will always look out for each other. If you feel her friends are being hard on you keep in mind that they are probably just watching out for their friend. Simply put they want to be certain that you are good enough for her. This is understandable behavior but don’t let it get to you. Would you do anything different for one of your friends?

Don’t be a Pushover

You are a strong woman and you need to know when to stand up for yourself and your opinions. If you’re a pushover when you meet her friends she may even loose respect for you. If she does have a friend you don’t really click with that’s okay. Be realistic, you can’t like everyone.

Be Yourself

No one wants to be in a relationship with a Dr. Jekyll / Mrs. Hyde and if you suddenly turn into a different person depending on the situation that’s not a good thing. Stay consistent. Even if the group seems to focus on inside jokes and stories about people you don’t know occasionally add your opinion or insight but don’t force it.

I hope these suggestions help you next time you’re in this situation. Our lives and lesbian dating can be stressful enough so don’t sweat the small stuff.

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