What Lesbians Do When They Break Up

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Oh, this is a good one. Breakups are complicated in general but I know from experience it’s especially difficult for me around the time I break up with someone. As quick as our relationship starts (U-hauls and everything), it ends just as fast. I know for me, there are so many mixed emotions—especially when I fall hard for someone. It takes time after a breakup, and you wonder if this was the right thing to do.

I remember I was laying in my girlfriend’s bed while she was out. She was picking up her ex and her new girlfriend at the airport from an exotic vacation. All I can think is: why are they still friends? It was the last straw. I knew I had to move on, because she couldn’t. She talked about her all of the time and it drove me crazy. You learn from every experience, you grow, and you move on.

This video is awesome. There are so many things that can happen after a break up and most of these are so true for me (it actually hit a bit closer to home than I thought it would). It is especially hard when you break up and you still live together. Who sleeps on the couch? Who gets the office chair? That rug you bought that she loves—do you keep it? What about your Pyrex collection that you built together, or your records? The dog?