Bisexuals Explain Sex: Men Vs Women

20160511-GFM-Blog-Bisexuals Explain-Sex With Men Vs Women-400Bisexuals Explain Sex: Men Vs Women

Learning about bisexuality is very confusing for some when they first hear about it. Imagine being taught that only heterosexuality is the norm, then someone explains to you what bisexuality is. Mind blown!

I remember I was 13 years old when I started having feelings for the same sex. I was attracted to the opposite sex and then at one point in my life I realized I had feelings for both men and women. Let’s just say twenty years ago growing up in my small town “bisexual” was not a word in anyone’s vocabulary. I kept my feelings to myself. It wasn’t until I graduated high school that I started talking about my feelings and talking to other women.

If you are bisexual you know what other people say to you already. It is so frustration that people think it’s OK to make comments and judge you based on who you are and who you love (in any situation), but for bisexuals we are very misunderstood.

Personally the biggest difference I found with dating men vs women is how you approach them. Say twenty years ago men would approach me vs I would approach women. As the times have changed either I have been more comfortable or the men are more reserved, but I find that I approach men more now than in the past and women have no problem approaching me. It is really nice when a sexy, confident women comes up to you and you start chatting.

As for sex with men vs women there is really no comparison. They are two totally different things for me. Men have this very distinctive aggressive quality about pleasuring a female, and women are more gentle and giving sense, and know how to please a lady! Women understand their own bodies and know how to pleasure themselves, and reciprocate that to their female partner. Check out how bisexuals explain sex with Men Vs Women.