Belgian Bishop Blesses Same Sex Relationships

Bishop to Bless Same Sex Relationships

That’s right, we’re climbing up the rainbow staircase with even more fascinating and heartwarming news regarding the LGBT community. Sometimes positive stories are hard to come by so we had to jump on this one.

If you haven’t heard the news yet, Bishop Johan Bonny of Belgian has made it his duty to bless those who are lesbian and gay and in same sex marriages. This is a huge step for a member of the Catholic church considering the church has typically made it their (not so hidden) agenda to not accept same sex relationships.

The Belgian Bishop first said this in an interview for the De Morgen newspaper on December 27th 2013 and was later translated for English speakers in the National Catholic Reporter another newspaper.

Even though the article sky rocketed in popularity due to it’s appealing nature it took a while to circulate around the internet until finally one of our favorite new sources, Huffington Post posted a story about the Bishop’s stance.

This is paving way for the The Equally Blessed coalition which makes a unity for those who are religious and members of the LGBT. After seeing how great those related to them in the LGBT community and seeing how loving they still are coalitions and groups are now forming to bring in acceptance of all.

Jim Smith, Associate Director of DignityUSA, spoke further for the Equally Blessed coalition, saying:

“Though pushback is sure to come, the Equally Blessed Coalition calls on all bishops who privately acknowledge the beauty of Bishop Bonny’s declaration to publicly support his invitation to the Church. God is very much alive in both straight and gay families. It is the time for our Catholic bishops and all church leaders to come out of that doctrinally rigid closet and stand with this brave bishop.”

It was right around Christmas time and a wonderful, fuzzy moment for all. We stand hand in hand with the Belgian Bishop and wish him the best as he has done for our community.

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God bless this Bishop!