Lesbian Glossary – Funch

Funch - Lesbian Glossary

So I’m sure we all know that lesbian slang is everywhere but sometimes it just gets really confusing with so many new terms coming in from every direction. A lot of them are easy to guess and go with the flow but sometimes I run across something so simple that I just don’t get it. That’s why I am starting our Lesbian Glossary and starting¬†a term that recently¬†flew right over my head, “funch”.

The other day my (lesbian) friend was supposed to meet me for lunch and she ends up showing up almost a half hour late, why I waited I don’t know, but that’s not the point. So she gets there in all her glory and when I ask her why she’s late she tells me that she forgot about lunch because she was getting some “funch”.

I was stumped but tried to maintain my cool, what the hell is funch? Well after my incredibly extensive research (Google) I finally came across this fantastic word. Autostraddle.com defines it as, “A quick sexual encounter performed at lunchtime.” so basically my friend ditched me for a quickie.

Urban Dictionary defines funch as, “According to Rawson’s dictionary of euphemisms, funch is having sex at lunchtime.”

Do you want to meet for funch today?

I think “funch” could probably be used as a term for any sexual orientation but it seems to weigh heavily in the lesbian forums. Has anyone else ever heard of this word? Does anybody in the real world (besides my friend) actually get funch.

I’m always so curious about how terms and words expand and come to be. If I ever pick up on any other peculiar slang terms for lesbians I’ll definitely let you know, unless I’m crazy and everybody but me has heard of funch. Which is sadly, a very strong possibility seeing as I’m an out of the loop, Netflix hermit.