Miley Cyrus Sexuality Revelation

Miley Cyrus Sexuality Revelation

These days there is a subtle difference between Miley Cyrus from her Hanna Montana days and her modern image. Wait did I say subtle? I meant to say incredible!  Unless you’ve been living under the sea for the past few years you know that Miley has come to terms with her more sexual side. Now that we’ve seen more of Miley (in many ways) what else does she have to share?

In a recent interview, Cyrus informed a reporter that not each of her romantic interactions has been heterosexual. Later she commented that she does not relate to any specific gender. Suddenly all the pieces started falling into place and some of her recent actions become more clear.

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The announcement came on the heels of her announcement last week regarding the launch of her new charity foundation, “Happy Hippie Foundation”. The charity was specifically formed to LGBT individuals, at-risk youth and the homeless. She spoke with Out Magazine at that time and portrayed herself as genderqueer but she didn’t want to be hung up with labels. She commented that she had no wish to be a boy, but rather desired to be nothing. She added that she does not agree with people’s definition of a girl or boy. Her recent comment about her past relationships sheds more light into Miley Cyrus as an individual.

To promote the foundation, Cyrus also played a concert in her own backyard and attendees included Laura Jane Grace, a huge part of transgender punk and legendary rocker Joan Jet.

The initial collection of Happy Hippie contribution money was donated to a homeless center for the youth in Los Angeles called My Friend’s Place. The foundation facilitated the center with a two year supply of food, snacks and clothes, among other services for its youth residents who are homeless.

Not only is it fascinating that a celebrity is using their wealth in a constructive manner, but its refreshing and empowering to know that someone who is so closely watched by the media will share details of their own sexuality.

Since Bruce Jenner revealed herself as a Trans woman, change of gender and gender identity is turning into a household idea but so many don’t really know what gender identity means.

In regard to gender, Miley is not the initial celebrity to relate as non-binary, she is also the most popular. This would make her a legitimate founder of the movement in our eyes. Another celebrity recognized as gender queer includes Eddie Izzard, a comedian, who relates to being a transvestite.

The effect of Miley’s foundation, her smooth sexuality and her non-binary sex personality are definitely going to be major for LGBT youth.